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Buried Alive

The Creepshow

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It'll catch you by surprise
And have you drowning in the night
When you open your eyes you will soon realize
That from this you can't hide
So it's your choice now and you know
And as you feel your breath get short
He's breaking your will reading your mind
This is your own demise

Now it feels like I'm six feet under ground
The ceiling's caving in
The walls are falling down
All around me

I'm six feet under ground
So suffocated it feels like
I'm Buried Alive

Just when you think you'll be okay
That's when you feel your body shake
All around you do cold it's drinking
Your soul and so you
Break into a panic,
No control
Get to his gates and pay
The toll So helpless and
Scared you just can't be
Prepared that is his goal

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