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The Olde Ragged Cross

Ossuary Insane

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In the name of christian scum
All will burn in hells flames
Smoldering away in praise of the olde ragged cross
Where your shameful god once spoke
With the tongue of a crucified liar

In this i see beyond
The astral bodies staring back
Cold as a godless nightfall
I can see my breath seething, like the towers of glowing fire
As i gaze upon the original world
Before the evolution of mortal weakness
Had ever plauged these earthen soils

Kill the pig god echoes across the universe
Stab him with a million daggers and swords
Sparing not one single drop of his filthy blood

Where the age of reason failed to comprehend the pits
Is where my eyes pierce your fabled illusion
Salvation rapes, the spirit of natures forsaken whores
The truth is man was born a slave
To the mastery of bastardized religion

If there ever was a meaning for this world
It is simply lost in the passing of milleniums
And here i must now confess, so pety is the love for human life
Where the heart of i is nomore
The truth is mine to put a curse on all existance
No words of comfort do i give to thou
Man is punishable by his own human flesh

As the boundary of life seeks riddance from the strangling hands of inevitable death...

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