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Organic Critters


Organic Critters

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[Verse 1]
She's a destined child and she sits, with dreams of having friends
all this while, she's cried, behind and old white picket fence
and everyday, she's been alone, the school yard corner
is all she's known, her loneliness, I feel as if it where my own
And the rain comes, down on her
but she remains there, all alone
and the thunder begins to roll
well its a shame, another, lost soul
well listen to me, little one
cause someday your going to feel a little lost
but in the end, pretty one
it'll turn out right, you'll see
oh believe me
and then, in the pouring rain, a distant voice, echo's out
she turns to see, her father, pleading her forgiveness again
and still, the rain comes
down on her
and it washes, the blood away
and as she can do nothing
a tearful mother, watches on

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