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Ophthalamia tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Nightfall Of Mother Earth / Summer Distress", "Ophthalamia / The Eternal Walk (Part III)", "Shores Of Kaa-Ta-Nu / The Eternal Walk (Part II)".

128 acessos

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  1. A Black Rainbow Rising (Castle Of No Repair III)
  2. A Cry From The Halls Of Blood / Empire Of Lost Dreams
  3. A Lonely Ceremony / The Eternal Walk
  4. A Lonely Soul / Hymn To A Dream
  5. After A Releasing Death / Castle Of No Repair (Part II)
  6. Black As Sin, Pale As Death / Autumn Whispers
  7. Castle Of No Repair / Lies From A Blackened Heart
  8. Deathcrush
  9. Dominion
  10. Eclipse Of Life (The Eternal Walk IV)
  11. Elishias Mistresses Gather
  12. Enter The Darkest Thoughts Of The Chosen / Agony's Silent Paradise
  13. Final Hour Of Joy
  14. Great Are The Deeds Of Death
  15. I Summon Thee, Oh Father / Death Embrace Me
  16. Intro / Under Ophthalamian Skies / To The Benighted
  17. Journey In Darkness / Entering The Forest
  18. Legacy Of The True (Death Embrace Me II)
  19. Little Child Of Light / Degradation Of Holyness
  20. Myself / Dreaming
  21. Nightfall Of Mother Earth / Summer Distress
  22. Ophthalamia / The Eternal Walk (Part III)
  23. Outro / Message To Those After Me / Death Embrace Me (Part II)
  24. Sacrifice
  25. Shores Of Kaa-Ta-Nu / The Eternal Walk (Part II)
  26. Slowly Passing The Frostlands / A Winterland's Tear
  27. Sons Of Satan
  28. This Is The Pain Called Sorrow / To The Memory Of Me
  29. Time For War
  30. Via Dolorosa / My Springnight's Sacrifice

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