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Okular tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "The King Of Life", "Sexforce", "Flowers Uncared For".

95 acessos

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  1. Birth Through Loss
  2. Choose To Be Free
  3. Connected In Betrayal
  4. Creativity Or Fear
  5. Educated For Enslavement
  6. Exposing The Good Citizens
  7. Feast Upon The Illusory
  8. Flowers Uncared For
  9. Fuck Your Dignity!
  10. House Full Of Colours
  11. Not Separate
  12. Politically Incorrect Experiences
  13. Probiotic (For Life)
  14. Rest In Chaos
  15. Ride The Waves Of Emotion
  16. Sexforce
  17. State Of Immediacy
  18. The Greatest Offender
  19. The King Of Life
  20. The Most Violent Thing
  21. To Ring The Bells Of Truth

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