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You Call It Love


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You call it love
There are things i need to say
'bout the way i feel
When your arms are all around me
You call it love
Words i heard that sond so fine
Meaning less each time
Till you came and found me
See, the ground is slowly burning
Dizzily, easily
Secretly inside of me
You call it love
All the wishes in my mind
Soared into the skies
Where reflected
In my own eyes
You say it's love
Variations on the theme
Love was justa dream
Memories of past sighs
See,you love is always round me
Everywhere,in the air
New, sensations now surrond me
Ocean wide deep inside
You call it love all my days pass close to you
Gray skies turn to blue
And the sun shines
All around me
You call it love
It's a phrase that peaple say
Each and everyday
Real love's hard to find though
See, the ground is slowly turning
Feel, the way my heart is burning
From your touch,scretly
You call it love
Now i know it's so much more
Being close to you
Makes this feeling new
That you call love

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