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Lauren Aquilina

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Do I annoy you? Do I offend you with my words?
Do I bore you? Am I the worst thing you've ever heard?
Leave your mark, your black and blue bruises
Blood red scars, you were the one to choose this
We won't ever be

Forgive me, I'm just so fucked up in the head
Kiss me, whilst I set fire to our bed
Do I embarrass you beyond belief?
Is losing me such a big relief?
We won't ever be

So push me on a lilo out to sea
Watch me float away never to be seen again
Dispose of all the things that you now hate
Look at all the chaos you've escaped

The wrong girl, the wrong body, the wrong mind
Fickle world, a constant you won't find
Start the riots no ifs no buts
I love your brain but I hate your guts
We won't ever be

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