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Eternal Freedom


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I´ll see the end of time
Over and over in your eyes tonight
When all my memories
And dreams are pictures of my life

Games of fantasy
An eternal freedom
Hidden inside of me
Live in my eyes
I´ll search the power
In this ivory sky
Like a prisoner of time
I´m the lord of my life
In a point of no return
In this apocalypse

We are all victims of the same details
The labyrinth in your eyes
Has broken the connection with time
Remember all that bright emotions
You saw in my eyes everytime you look too far
When I feel that end is near
I destroy my reality
So my self-control becomes for me
A kind of hypnosis
There isn´t any certainty
In a circle of unreality
Images behind my dreams
Connections for a new eternity
When secrets will be free
By all kinds of tyranny
I will draw an image of me
Free from every hypocrisy
There isn´t certainty
Only another piece of me
Like a scream against the wind
Tonight another reality

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