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La Bionda

Come On Down

La Bionda

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When I'm in Motion It's Just Like the Flow of the Ocean
The Weight of the Words Swerve and Curve
My Style Flexes Bigger Than the State of Texas
Quick As a Lambourghini, Smooth As a Lexus
I Guess That Makes Me the Top of the Line
Oh Yes I'm the Most Prime of All Time
Cause As Soon As I Pick Up the Mic and Begin and the Lyrics Just Start
To Flowing, Ahem Ahem, Coughing Couldn't Stop Me From Going
On With the Rapture, So That I Can Capture
Your Mind With State of the Art Music Made to Adap To
To Knowledge the God On the Groove
Because When My Tongue Moves I Just Loooove That I'm Smooth
Do It With These and in Times I Leave Reas
To Give em a Little of Thje Flavor That Please
As I, School in the Who in Pursuin and Doin and Reignin Again and The
Gutter and Stutter and Killin and Chillin Collectin the Rent And
Jammin and Slammin and Damn It's
Too Much For One Mind to Comprehend
A Pure Blend, the Way That I Make Words Mend
And, the Way That I Be Doin Rappers In
Michael Bivins Couldn't Make These Boyz Ii Men
I Play, Somethin Verbally, Capable to Murder The
Average Mc, the Tough Ones I'll Burn Third Degree
And If You're Thinkin That I'm Takin a Beatin
You're Sure to See the Pink Panther Speakin

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