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Julie Reeves

He Keeps Me In One Piece

Julie Reeves

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Well he always knows when i'm runnin' smooth
Yeah he can tell he knows me so well
And when i'm in trouble he's who i'll turn to
Now he's there when i can't stand up alone
He's there when i fall too hard
And i'm not ashamed to call out his name
And say darlin' i need you when i'm fallin' apart

He keeps me in one piece
He is my strength when i tire
He shows me when to be at ease
And when to be on fire

Well i'm a girl well-versed and well rehearsed in the ways of this world
Still i am not that strong
I have needed so long to be on the road that would lead me to the love of this boy
Now he's there when i can't be there alone
And he's there when i've gone too far
And i'm not afraid to stand up and say "boy, i love you and i need you" when i'm fallin' apart

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