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I'm Cryin'


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Oo, I'm cryin', tears are fallin' down.
I'm cryin' the lonely tears of clowns.
I'm tryin' to wear a smilin' face.
It was just yesterday things then they felt okay.
Now that has all gone away.

Oo, I'm cryin' the only tears of clowns.
I'm tryin' tryin' and rain's fallin' down.
I'm cryin' and that's a lonely place.
If I could hide the pain, if I could stop the rain,
Then all my cryin' could be gone.

Oo, rain, who will stop the rain, the rain?
Oo, I'm cryin', the tears are fallin' down.
I'm tryin', the rain still beats the ground.
I'm cryin' those lonely tears of clowns.

Lonely, lonely tears,
Lonely, lonely tears

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