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Joey Hendrickson

You're Still Here

Joey Hendrickson

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My love--
Don't tell me that you've gone. i can't bear to see you walk out the door. if you have left, don't write. i'll be fine. if you will leave, don't speak. stay quiet. let me believe you're still here with me.

Your lies temporarily keep me warm.
So i'll cuddle close, let them hold me tight.
Your truth has never felt so cold. (you're cold)
Too cold to tuck me in one last time.
I won't let you be.
More misery to me.
So lie. and i'll believe you're still here with me.

This war's not over to it's over, haha
I'm sure i'll have the last laugh
This war's not over till you've pierced my heart
So soldier grab your bayonet.

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