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Jane Eyre (Musical)

Jane Eyre (Musical)

Jane Eyre (Musical) tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Farewell, Good Angel", "Secrets of the House", "As Good as You".

150 acessos

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  1. As Good as You
  2. Brave Enough for Love
  3. Children Of God
  4. Farewell, Good Angel
  5. Finer Things
  6. Forgiveness
  7. In the Light of the Virgin Morning
  8. My Maker
  9. Painting Her Portrait
  10. Perfectly Nice
  11. Poor Sister
  12. Rain
  13. Secret Soul
  14. Secrets of the House
  15. Sirens
  16. Slip of A Girl
  17. Sweet Liberty
  18. The Graveyard
  19. The Gypsy
  20. The Orphan
  21. The Pledge
  22. The Proposal
  23. The Voice Across the Moors
  24. Things Beyond This Earth

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