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James Canavan

Goodbye Kiss

James Canavan

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Now that I'm home
I know what I'm missing
Your beautiful face
Other people will be kissing
But I won't be able to
'Cause I'm so far away
You could have anyone you wanted
Even if they were gay

(chorus 2x)
So sexy Leigh
I'll tell you this
It should've ended better
Than just a good bye kiss

We should've made more
Of our very last night
But we quit while we were ahead
Just incase we had a fight
We should live together
when i'm 18
we'll live in buckingham palace
after we've evicted the queen

(Chorus 2x)

When I picture your face
there are tears in my eyes
Oh who am I kidding
I just wanna cry


So sexy Leigh
I'll tell you this
Your the most perfect girl
Who I'm gonna miss

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