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Should I


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A-do-doo, do-doo
Do-doo, do-doo

Tell me what you gonna do
When you're man is just as broke as you
And he's fussing, complaining, without trying
Acting like he don't believe
And always telling you that you can leave
But know if you step
His sorry ass, will be crying
Should I go

Should I go, should I stay
Broken promises, and love gets in the way
Something says stay, something says go
But I don't even think I, love him any more

A-do-doo, do-doo
Do-doo, do-doo

It's enough to make a woman mad
No way she's given all she can
And her man's at home, just laying around
Claiming that he's just so deprived
Won't even pick up the classifieds
Talking about the so called man
Is holding him down, that's tired babe


A-do-doo, do-doo
Do-doo, do-doo

Trying to deal with you
I can't take no more
So I'm closing the door, the door
Goodbye, goodbye
I gave him a chance
Now I think I really got to go
Patiently I waited
Plus the time comes when I have to move on
Should I, should I


A-do-doo, do-doo
Do-doo, do-doo...

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