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Gore tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Cannibal Zoophilism With Extreme Sexual Aberration", "Phlatulent Manifestation Of Alcaligenes Faecalis", "Cicle Of Suffocation".

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  1. Acrimony Flesh
  2. Attenuated Mutant Worms
  3. Cadaveric hepatic ulceration
  4. Cannibal Zoophilism With Extreme Sexual Aberration
  5. Cicle Of Suffocation
  6. Consummated Cancer
  7. Delicious subcutaneous tissue
  8. Dissimulated Incubation And Maximum Infection
  9. Exposed Guts
  10. Fetus Jejunii
  11. Frenetic Fetishism For Human Pieces In Decomposition
  12. Human Corpse
  13. Hysterical Extraction Of Facial Tissue
  14. Incomplete Evacuation
  15. Inquisitive Corporeal Recremation
  16. Intestinal Pestilence
  17. Not been born
  18. Ocular Acid Glue
  19. Phlatulent Manifestation Of Alcaligenes Faecalis
  20. Rectal Feast
  21. Syndrome Of Intensive Regurgitation
  22. Unfinished Radiation

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