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Goin' Places

Goin' Places

Goin' Places tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Girls for dummies", "I Like Girl Songs", "Bitches Don't Wear Black".

208 acessos

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  1. 555-GIRL
  2. All I Can See Is The Darkness
  3. Before I Was Good As Gone
  4. Bitches Don't Wear Black
  5. Body Is Broken
  6. Bringin' me down
  7. Can't Get A Girl? Kill Yourself
  8. Commercial Soft Drink Girl
  9. Cut-Off Jeans Girl
  10. Force fed, exploited, till dead
  11. Girl
  12. Girl Songwriting 101 (More Than Fries)
  13. Girls for dummies
  14. Goin' Places
  15. Got The Boyfriend Line Again
  16. Here I am Lord
  17. Holding out for life
  18. Hope Finds a Way
  19. I Can't Stop
  20. I Fade Out
  21. I gave it all up
  22. I Got The Boyfriend Line Again
  23. I Hate Your Girlfriend
  24. I Like Girl Songs
  25. I Like Your Girlfriend
  26. I've got two tickets
  27. In coming
  28. Jen
  29. Legitimate role transference
  30. Like a Heart Attack
  31. Mechanics are desperate like m
  32. My heart can't bleed
  33. Never saw it blow
  34. Oh Oh I Love Her So
  35. Pushing, pulling me
  36. Star crossed
  37. The Only Way
  38. The world is bent
  39. They won't come home
  40. Tomorrow i will change
  41. Twenty four Hours In a Fuckin' Life
  42. You're a slave

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