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I´m riding straight to the unknown
Just tripping far away from home
I´m trying ignoring
I´m staying and calling
Fly with the eagles deserve a lot
Not with the turkeys in the mud
Cause we still need a shot
We freak our minds up

I am flying with the eagles
Not rolling in the mud

Everything counts every minute is a gift
For you and me but there is nothing to resist
I wanna play this game I have too much to give
To be alone live in regrets to fade away and feel so mad

Floating eagles grab my madness
They are giving peace
Floating eagles spinning with us
Eagles gilding our luck

The sadness is calling me always back
Back from my wishes and makes me upset
I know it is carrying me it brings me away it is warm and still mean

I want a relieve for my pain
I want to break out it´s my gift
For the eagles to bring it up
My sad soul I will give it one day

The darkness is slowlykilling me
I´m looking for a piece to change
To turn it up don´t be afraid
The darkness so weak recovers me
Please give myself a little sign
Wake me up I´m still doing fine
But it recovers me
Take a break let it out and feel free

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