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Goat Of Mendes

Goat Of Mendes

Goat Of Mendes tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Guardian Spirit", "Hymn To One Ablaze", "The Sabbatic Goat (Blessed Be)".

181 acessos

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  1. ...And Inanna Stood Unveiled
  2. A Crimson Flood of Frozen Snow
  3. A Minute of Ghosts
  4. A Pagan Lament
  5. A Tale of Doom And Passion
  6. Amidst The Frozen Forest
  7. Awakening
  8. Belated Divine Abortion
  9. Beneath The Eye of Hecate
  10. Blood Moon Rising
  11. Boudicca's Triumph
  12. Carnifex
  13. Children Of Aradia
  14. Christendom's Fall
  15. Cloding The Circle
  16. Com-Cruach (Maggot of Time)
  17. Discordia
  18. Guardian Spirit
  19. Hymn To One Ablaze
  20. I Soar The Moonless Skies
  21. Invoking The Watchtowers
  22. My Book Of Shadows
  23. Night Of Divine Power
  24. O Sole Deo Gloria
  25. Of Torque And Antlers
  26. Onward To Eireann
  27. Ordo Templi Orientis (The Goat Of Mendes)
  28. Our Mother In Darkness (Kali-Ma)
  29. Pale Princess Of The Ruins
  30. Reflections of A Black-Seared Heart
  31. Rejuvenation In Crimson
  32. Requiem
  33. Staff And Chalice, Sword And Stone
  34. Succubus, My Betrothed
  35. The Sabbatic Goat (Blessed Be)
  36. The Shaman
  37. The Spirit Of Heathendom
  38. To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way
  39. Transcendence
  40. Upon The Bloody Fields (Of Cairns)
  41. Witchfires
  42. Wolves In Sheeps Clothing

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