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Off To Bed


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They say it's from the sky... they say it's from the sky

Ok you say, let's go off to bed
The words from my mouth, my heart is heading south
Your kiss to the man, lovers take the stand
You know oh you know... it's just a fuckin' joke

Let's go off to bed...
There's this side of life
That will always be
And all your lies lies lies lies lies
I'll show you everything

Everybody wants it... everybody needs it
Everybody loves it... everybody loves it

And you know oh you know, it's just a fuckin' joke
So lift up your hearts, some lovers they will part
The words in my mouth, the hearts still heading south
It's so upside down, just laughing at the clown

Let's go off to bed
I'll get you every time
I'll show you every side

And all your lies lies lies lies... I'll get you every time... every time... every time...
Lies... lies... open up your eyes... next stop the city

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