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We Are The Modern


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They shoot in your face
Flash lights and then
They ask you for more
You know what you've done
Oh, you're not the only one
Who she is looking for

Fantastic, incredible
We didn't know what is trustful
And now we're on a storm
But everything change
When we have in our hands
Something strange and new

We are swimming in a pool of consequences
Drawing somethings that nobody understands

They shoot in your face
Red lights and then
They bring you to the floor
You're building your life
Knowing that after
Everything will be destroyed

Fantastic, Amazing
They kick they punch and they hate it
It seems so confuse now
We are the modern
But without order
Nothing will comes true

We are swimming in a pool of consequences
Drawing things that nobody understands
Following everything that make we get high
Leaving the last minute friends behind

Love is hard
Love is hard you are saying it

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