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Jimmy Shoe


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I cant help but notice your smile
Plus your heels are drivin me wild
So let me approach ya ask you your name
Find out your details you aint the same
Heres my phone type in your numba
Send me a text let me get to know ya
Coz i got a feelin ur da 1
Peace be upon you got me so sprung
Yeh i said im stuck between 2 but
Them 2 dont matter now that i met u
Ur da one dat im into
Cant be more than your jimmy shoe (shoe, shoe shoe,shoe,shoe)
An i know u must have a few but my favourite colours red, green or blue.

J.i.m.m.y girl u look so fly neva eva wanna say bye bye im fallin in love wid da shoes you buy
S.h.o.e girl you cot me goin crazy ccrazy crazy ova ur jjjimy shoe shoe.

Her shoes are one of a kind dey make me got ouf of my mind by the way she walks down the street i fall in the maze as she moves her fee. so let me approach her again mention i wanna be more dan frendz. explain da i wanna be your man and not one of your other fans coz
1. ur da type of girl for me
2. your da type of girl i need.3. youll always b dere for me and your shoes are tightx2

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