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Fuck Off and Die!

Fuck Off and Die!

Fuck Off and Die! tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Better Alone Than With You", "You Must Suffer, Bitch", "Cunt Does Not Rule".

249 acessos

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  1. And Everything Will Return In Silence
  2. Anti All
  3. Better Alone Than With You
  4. Cult Of Intoxication
  5. Cunt Does Not Rule
  6. Don't Look At Your Back
  7. Don't Look At Your Back
  8. Fuck Off And Die!
  9. Hate, Indifference And Alcholism
  10. He's Turning Blue
  11. He's Turning Blue
  12. Homo Homini Lvpvs
  13. I Despise Pigs Like You
  14. I Hate Homosexual Metalheads
  15. Pacifism Sucks
  16. Sextermination
  17. Shut Up, Subhuman
  18. Useless Race
  19. War And Hate
  20. You Must Suffer, Bitch

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