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Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon

Frankie Avalon tem o estilo Blues e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Venus (tradução)", "Bobby Sox To Stockings", "Togetherness".

246 acessos

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  1. A Boy Without A Girl
  2. A Miracle
  3. A Perfect Love
  4. All Of Everything
  5. Beauty School Drop-out
  6. Beauty School Dropout
  7. Bobby Sox To Stockings
  8. Boy Without a Girl
  9. De De Dinah
  10. Dede Dinah
  11. Don't Let Love Pass Me By
  12. Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops
  13. Ginger Bread
  14. I'll Wait For You
  15. Just Ask Your Heart
  16. Swingin' On a Rainbow
  17. The Puppet Song
  18. Togetherness
  19. True, True Love
  20. Tuxedo Junction
  21. Two Fools
  22. Venus
  23. Venus (tradução)
  24. What Little Girl
  25. Where Are You
  26. Who Else But You
  27. Why
  28. You Are Mine
  29. You Excite Me

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