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Final Prophecy

Lord Have Mercy

Final Prophecy

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You're searching from freedom
And truth in your way
You're falling in the emptyness
The heaven is calling
You don't hear the call
You live in the loneliness

You'll seek forgiveness
Just to clean your blame
You'll seek again and again

Oh!lord have mercy on your soul (4x)

When you had your chances
You wanted revenge
And there's no one to blame
Now you call for heaven
Escaping from hell
Trying to save your self

Your life passes by
And you don't understand
Just say your prayers again

Oh!lord have mercy on your soul (4x)

There are feelings in your mind
There are things to you leave behind
You won't stop you must go on
Lord give you strenghth to carry on

Oh!lord have mercy on your soul (4x)

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