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Fate / Stay Night

The Forest Where You Were

Fate / Stay Night

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Deep, deep within the forest, there is a faint fragrance, it's lovely
If I search through the everyday faces, surprisingly, I find that yours is smiling

I want to touch it, but even if I reach out my hand to you, fleetingly, you soared towards the sky

I've wanted to meet you all this time, I've always wanted to meet… That's how I feel
When I pass through sleepness nights
I'm enveloped within the light and shadow you left behind, and I start crying

The setting evening sun burns a useless me
While barefoot, I tread on the wreckages of love and stain them red

When I try to touch you and I hold out my hand, your voice said

"I love you." Even now after so long, the song which I failed to convey to you is carried off by the wind
And it disappeared far away
Even if I fly as high as the hourglass sky, there is nothing. The sound of that day is echoing

The sceneries which cannot be touched twice are
Rustling and flowing

"Inerasable." The air is rising too much and the memories are over-piling. Even those hands, even that hair
The abundant light and shadow you left behind were too large.

Deep, deep within the forest…

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