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Farewell Continental

Farewell Continental

Farewell Continental tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Capybara", "One Last Lunge Of The Big Time Washed Up Player", "New Tile Floor".

162 acessos

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  1. A Story From The Bottom Of The Sea
  2. Camera Ready Kids
  3. Capybara
  4. Dagger, Dagger: Terror, Terror
  5. Do You Wanna Tangle?
  6. I Feel Everything (Can You Feel It As Well?)
  7. Immolated
  8. Mad Operator
  9. New Tile Floor
  10. One Last Lunge Of The Big Time Washed Up Player
  11. Our House
  12. Radio, Radio: Are You Getting This?
  13. Seasoned Veterans
  14. Son Of A Bitch/Son Of A Whore
  15. The Explorer Settles Down
  16. The Great Decay
  17. The Greatest Of All Time (How You Feelin' Now?)
  18. The Reflecting Skin
  19. Tiger Claw
  20. Total Devastation
  21. We Are Cosmonaut
  22. Western Boys And Girls
  23. Who's The Boss?

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