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Fairytale Abuse

Fairytale Abuse

Fairytale Abuse tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "An Odour of Osirian Bloom", "When One Bleeds", "The Interdiction Of Obscurity".

133 acessos

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  1. A Forest of Flames
  2. An Odour of Osirian Bloom
  3. By The Vampire Still
  4. Fall Of The Icon
  5. Gate of Thorns
  6. Her Heart Pounds - 7 to Nightfall
  7. In The Shadows of Stigma
  8. Misery Tree
  9. Neon Nightmare
  10. Our Glorious Revivification
  11. Powers And Signs Of Lying Wonders
  12. Sindarilla
  13. Soul Seducer
  14. The End of Subject I
  15. The Interdiction Of Obscurity
  16. The Spirit Tower
  17. Tranquil Forever?
  18. Troparion For The White Plague
  19. Vivid The Blood Ill-natured
  20. When One Bleeds

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