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Factory Of Art

Factory Of Art

Factory Of Art tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "In The Sky", "Solitary Soldier", "Wings Of Destiny".

117 acessos

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  1. Character Of Society
  2. Crown of Creation
  3. In The Sky
  4. Killing Syringe
  5. Live Fast
  6. Long Way To The Night
  7. Never Dying Hero
  8. No Fixed Address
  9. No Tears
  10. Queen Of Seduction
  11. Running With The Wolfs
  12. Silent Crying
  13. Solitary Soldier
  14. Story Of Pain
  15. Streets Of Violence
  16. The Healing: Part I
  17. The Healing: Part II
  18. The Mass
  19. The Other Side
  20. The Point of No Return
  21. The Ritual
  22. The Tempter
  23. Twilight Zone
  24. Until The End Of Time
  25. Walking On Fire
  26. Wings Of Destiny

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