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Fábio Rodrigues

To Sing (ft. Adelina Toma)

Fábio Rodrigues

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You know what's around the world
The people's lives 're losing themselves in tolerate
Like living is not a crime
Enjoy singing not regime
Come, come and see also
What the world has got
It has songs and melodies
Music and harmonies

Lost in a deep sleep
A person from another world
Is already dreaming
Who will be performing on stage
She is singing with happily
And she will make a dance
Suddenly she woke up
And she went to the real world

Chorus 2X:
But despite everything
How would life be?
Without being able to sing
Without being able to dream
It would be a sad life
A very dull life
Happily I can say
That in my life I can sing

I can sing
To sing

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