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Fallen Saint


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Trying out in the night
I am ready to start a fight
Hear the winds blowing through
Through my mind and I am waiting for you


The carpet on the floor
Drunk in blood next to the door
Reminds me of the day
A fallen warrior had to lay

Crying out in the dead of the night
We will meet in the morning light
What is your name?
Hold my weapons strong in hand
Soon I will rule, control this land
What is your name

The sun is shining on your back
The saint is waiting for next attack
Make my day and try your best
God decides over this test

Clouds of war fill the sky
The exe upon your head is it a lie
See the fear in your eyes
Without a scream the saint dies

Fallen saint, now I know your name
The land is mine, no more pain
It is over now, the saint is dead
Deadly visions in my head

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