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Eddie Reader

Simple Soul

Eddie Reader

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I'd lift my head with each sunrise
If I had a simple soul
When I was weary I'd close my eyes
If I had a simple soul
Not too complicated to shiver when I'm cold
I'd make my home where I am bound
If I had a simple soul, simple soul

I say my prayers and hope to God
And I know he will know
I will break my daily bread
When hunger starts to grow
It doesn't have to be that hard
If it hurts you let it go
What you see is what you are
If you've got a simple soul, simple soul

It might take an alchemist
To turn your dust to gold
But it only takes a child to see
The diamonds in the coal
It's not so easy when a habit takes a hold
I never knew it would be so hard
To keep my simple soul, simple soul

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