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It's a wonder love every one that you take
It's a modern one every one that you take
A good intent but you know what?
You're playing with fire
What you want you just take and you take it too far
And now you've gone to collect a new lamb
I may be wrong but i know that i am
With every sucker you keep up your act
I hope you wake in a cold sweat when thinking of past
I've found these days i hold the reins
Grown from my mistake
We're all the same back home where our yesterdays are gone
You shouldn't have gone you know it was temptation
I guess it's all in my head, you'd rather stray than stay home
You know it's time to give yourself to prosper
Why'd you trade me for a day of laughter?
You've caused me pain for twenty days
Lost so much i say today
My brain so aches and my blood is pain
When you break my heart for the day

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