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Ebola (Polonia)

Unholy Prophet

Ebola (Polonia)

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Hear all you liars
Your end is near
Death's hands will reach you
Your eyes fill with fear
Rivers will flow with blood from thy veins
Decievers corpse will hang from the trees
(you all shall die!)
Ones who have followed will now turn away
Bringing you torment and bringing you death
Pay for your deeds!
Pay for your lies!
Enlightened people
Saw filth in your words
I have forseen it
Days of deceiving
Gone like your glory
I have foretold it
Now trapped like rats
Your beg for mercy
I have revieled it
I have opened
Eyes of masses
Unholy prophet
Pay for your deeds
Die in torment
Pay for your lies
Hang on the trees
Filthy liars
Beg for mercy
You all will burn
Words became flesh

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