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Easy Big Fella

Picture Show

Easy Big Fella

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Lucy tried to meet me at a picture show
But she didn't make it very far
You see her parents' car was such a piece of shit
That she couldn't get it out of the drive
And when she tried to ring me at my favorite pub
All she got was drunken old Joe
He told her I'd gone out for an ice cream
But I'd be back in a minute or so

(chorus x2)
Hey Lucy, we'll try it again next week some time

In a week or so we would try it again
But this time we would go to the zoo
I told her that I would meet her at the corner store
At a quarter or twenty past two
When 3 P.M. rolled around
And Lucy was nowhere to be seen
I called her at home and her mama told me
She was chasing the American Dream

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