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Earthling tem o estilo Funk e suas músicas de sucesso são: "I Still love Albert Einstein", "Box", "Me And My Sister".

125 acessos

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  1. An Angel Comes To Babylon
  2. Ananda's theme
  3. Ananda's theme
  4. Box
  5. By Means Of Beams
  6. Echo on my mind
  7. First Transmission
  8. Freak Freak
  9. Haunted Head
  10. I Could Just Die
  11. I Still love Albert Einstein
  12. Infinite m'
  13. Infinite m'
  14. Instrumental
  15. Love
  16. Me And My Sister
  17. Miracle Town
  18. Nefisa
  19. Planet of the apes
  20. Soup Or No Soup
  21. The Black Thunderbird
  22. The Secret Life Of The Future

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