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Off Dis Game


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[Pastor Troy]
I done licked niggaz for g's off in this game
I done licked niggaz for key's off in this game
But it feel like I'm doing the same thang
The things we do just to maintain
I done had work for days off in this game
Bitch we got grenades and k's off in this game
I learned that it ain't no friends off in this game
Alot of niggaz off in the pin cause of this game

[Hook] x2
Thats why I'm tired of runnin these streets off in this game
But how the fuck my family gone eat off in this game
It feel like I'm to goddamn deep off in this game
And I can't even get no sleep off in this game

[Pastor Troy]
They done fucked up my nigga, I'm hollin at his son
I'm lookin at his veins see the blood of a don
What's up nigga this ya uncle P.T
And I'm representin til your father is free
And I done had ups and downs off in this game
I done went from nicks to pounds off in this game
Alot of niggaz showin me love cause of the fame
But that don't mean nothin to me cause I'm the same
Gangsta ass nigga, hard as a rock
Never sell a quarter, sell the whole block
And I done paid cops and I done paid the judge
Got caught with 50 pounds I got charged with a budge
So you can't tell me nothin about the law
And half the politicians live for the raw
But then they wanna tax
But then they wanna act
Because a nigga young
Because a nigga black


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