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Donna Fargo

Donna Fargo

Donna Fargo tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "He Can Have All He Wants", "Top of the World", "All About a Feeling".

131 acessos

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  1. 2 Sweet 2 Be 4 Gotten
  2. All About a Feeling
  3. Angel Of The Morning
  4. Does It Matter
  5. Don't Be Angry
  6. Funny Face
  7. Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A
  8. He Can Have All He Wants
  9. Hello Little Bluebird
  10. Hip On Happiness
  11. Hot Diggety Dog
  12. How Close You Came (to Being Gone)
  13. I Didn't Mean (to Run Him Away)
  14. I Have The Strangest Feeling (you're Gone)
  15. I'd Love You To Want Me
  16. I'll Try a Little Bit Harder
  17. It do Feel Good
  18. Johnny B. Goode
  19. Just a Friend Of Mine
  20. Just Call Me
  21. Little Girl Gone
  22. Manhattan Kansas
  23. Nothing Can Stay
  24. Puffy Eyes
  25. Rain Song
  26. Rotten Little Song
  27. Sing Sing Sing
  28. Society's Got Us
  29. Song I Can Sing
  30. Superman
  31. The Happiest Girl In The Whole Usa
  32. Top of the World
  33. What Will The New Year Bring
  34. Whatever I Say (means I Love You)
  35. You Don't Mess Around With Jim
  36. You Were Always There
  37. You're Not Charlie Brown (and I'm Not Raggedy Ann)

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