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Dizzy Queen

Do The Twist

Dizzy Queen

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Forget the rhythm
Complete the rhyme
Forget your numbers
Write what's right

Come with the twist
You're gonna lose
I'm in this place and
I couldn't choose

So now I'm here
Won't let you go
I'm gonna show you
What's loco

Pick up some pills
Swallow them now
How long it takes 'til
You feel the ground

Once you decay so down can you scape? And it's time.
You won't die. 'Cause I tell you so.
No one ones where it takes.
Where just gonna live forever
Soft skin
Like babies dreams
It's not the end of anything

Forget the rhythm
Open your arms
Dance with the rumble
And feel alright

Never against
You can choose
Leaving this place is
Not so blue

Enjoy your chance
Run with the clock
It's now or never
The door's unlocked

I see you there
Just let it be
That's your life proving your free.

You've got the taste of the morning, yeah. You're better than I've hoped. This is a smell that I cant take. I'm gonna bring you home.

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