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Divine Regale


Divine Regale

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carried on the currents wave
I tried to hold on to the past
a morning breeze,
a cold reminder
I must face what is to come
as winter calls my heart wanders
to summer memories of yesterday
I close my eyes and fear another
year is gone

watching the leaves fall
remembering yesterday
but I can't go back now
can I stand on my own
or will I fail without you

my eyes still see the same
and what I see I can't understand
and what I've tried
so hard to gain
I feel slipping through my hands

I remember when I knew
all the answers
It seems so long ago
now I have only memories
and I find them hard to hold
each day I try and find a reason
as it all just drifts away
I reach out...are you there?

the leaves have fallen
reach for tomorrow
while holding on to the past
can I stand on my own
or will I fail without you

we stand together
waiting on a forgotten dream
trying to justify our feelings
but these changes
just bring us pain

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