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Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "At The Mountains Of Madness", "Empire Tomorrow", "Relativity".

55 acessos

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  1. All Of It
  2. At The Mountains Of Madness
  3. Bottom Of The Glass
  4. Casualty Of War
  5. Dance With Reality
  6. Empire Tomorrow
  7. Face To Face
  8. Fool's Paradise
  9. Generation Why?
  10. Persistence of Memory
  11. Price You Pay
  12. Pull The Trigger
  13. Rainmaker
  14. Relativity
  15. Running Dry
  16. Still Dreaming
  17. Tomb With a View
  18. Walking Backwards
  19. Waste Of Life

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