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Cry for me Sky


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Let`s move, move!

In this life I`ve known nothing but seeds you`ve sown
I`ve walked the highways and I`ve combed the side roads
It`s been a joy of highs, oh the pain of lows
I met the Devil at the heart of the crossroads
I share a soul with a hunting hound
My blood`s a red river that flows through every town
Have you ever felt like I have?

Cry for me sky
Cry for me, scorned, scorned

Live this life insane, nothing but pouring rain
I`m an outlaw, it`s amazing I`m sane
Born and dressed in black, my soul is fighting back
Fueling Hell and raising cain, cain, cain, cain...
Have you ever felt like I have?
Cry for me sky

Get the fuck up, get up...

When I`m a ghost and gone, I`ll be remembered strong
By all I`ve met, by friends and family
When I`m lowered down, six feet in the ground
There won`t be a sound except for crows wailing

Cry for me sky

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