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So this is who you are
Will you face it?
Far away from any star

Now, keep your head up high
It defines you
Showing people that you try

Idols are deceiving fans
They struggle like you do
Dissatisfaction reaches every man

No! Don’t be sorry
You’re an idol too
In a different bitter story

Why can´t you realize that you have your fans?
And so wisely plan your steps

Fans become deceiving men
Idols of a lie
Leading manhood into tragedy

Won´t you save me from them?
Save me from myself!

See perfect bodies
Exemplar beauties
Artificial human beings

No we are not like this
You don’t have to live
Chasing fame as they achieved

Buying is not the answer
For things you cannot do
You have to chase your goals, your
Own dreams

Won´t you save me from them?
Save me from myself!

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