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False Creator's Creator


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"Como é bom viver sem se importar com nenhuma doutrina, dar satisfação apenas ao próprio ser... Isso é liberdade, poder expor meus mais nobres sentimentos, encarando o pecado como uma palavra desconhecida no meu imensurável vocabulário.
Pobres daqueles que não anseiam por esta profana liberdade e tem o pecado como rédeas que os guiam como se fossem submissos animais, rendendo-se a promessas inventadas pelos - CRIADORES DO FALSO CRIADOR"

Moons and dawns have passed through this world
Madness created and imposed to our intelligence
Today visible on the wicked faces
Torturing and destroying the possibility of an identity

It's in history the beginning of the end
The alienated were born
Forgotten and humiliated
by the followers
Resurrected by the ones
who got profits from it

Dust and mould cover the invented lies
Sins and rules changed to our days
Forgotten traditions, bitter memories
Destroyed roots that disappoint each day

Oh human race of so many glories and battles
Free people, followers of nothing
You're this power, this god is an illusion, see!
And so they guide you... we'll destroy this way

Unreal rules
Unreal ceremonies…
This god is unreal!
Created by the false creator's creator
Dispersing the stupidity by the consequences

Unreal rules
Unreal ceremonies…
This god is...

Cursed be this doctrine
Cursed it be
It contributed to the irrationality perpetuation

Dead gods
that live

Centuries have gone
and the creation is still alive
as the reason of living of many
It is unacceptable
We'll set to you, to our intolerance!

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