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Far From Defeated


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You don't know me
although we spent so many days and nights
throw your parties
it will keep you at one place and time

I cant' drown in tiranny
i can't share your misery

because i'm not a pretender avenger or tender
because I knew I could make it and to fake it is to brake it
but those day they kept me exactly this way

get me out of my life
get me out of this hell
tomorrow's the day before

get me out of this script
burn the curtains away
traped with all this fools on stage

I never asked for advice
and won't remain
I still got it all
so look for yours

my confession
is that I ment it long before you called
your compassion
I could have used it long years ago

for now
intention's all I need
and for now
I'll keep my secrecy

because I ask for a meaning and feeling is believing
because I'm not an abuser or a looser more a chooser
nowadays I'm learning and the yearning is gone

take a look at me now
is this someone you know
please sign all the scars on me

if there's just one reason left
to carry me through the rain
I'm gonna try and try again

now I'm far
far from defeated
now I'm far
far from defeated

show some of your lovin hey
if love is something that you've got
I got reassembled hey
kept the sparesparts to throw at your feet

and I'm still far
far from defeated
baby I'm still far
far from defeated

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