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Bishop Heidnik


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Black - Slow
I prowl the streets
I drive around looking for my,
My new birthing partner
Someone to expand my genes
They'll house my seed
Become a part of me
The mother's to army of Heidnik blood
I found you. You're my next mate
Electroshock and dog food will put you in a perfect state
Because you see you are a womb
Your fertile pussy will now make a perfect tomb
No need to worry
You're not alone
I'll get bored with you and go find another one
You are all,
You're all my slaves
Nothing but worthless cunts
Here to exist as my birth machines
Create my race - my blood's divine
CHained and shackled to the pipes
I find it intoxicating as you plead for life
Keep screaming, No one will hear
And even if they do nobdoy around here really cares
Your fucking shrills. They make me thrive
Keep it up instead of birthing, you're gonna die
Disobey and you will see
What the wrath of God has bestowed upon me yeah
United Church of the Ministers of God
You are all my collected congregation
So now you, you want me to defy?
I've dug this hole now jump down inside
All three, all three of you will feel God's wrath
Soaking wet embrace electricity
As it strikes your chains now she's not moving
A floating corpse I need to get rid of the body
Now she's dead - uncooperative - proved to disobey
Took her body in my Rolls and dumped it in New Jersey
Second one that was hung by her lonesome wrist
Cut up with my power saw and grinded into bits
Served with dog food

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