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Dawn of Shadows

Dawn of Shadows

Dawn of Shadows

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I do not know why i suffer
this night is very quiet
this is not good, they may be lurking
hoping to be distracted by the beauty
I'll fly away, to see the dawn
fly away from them
very calm is very bad
but sometimes silence makes a well

but I'm going to scream
so that they will never back
I will record my cry
and use a scarecrow
so that they will never back
I know they will never come back

but they returned
crawling up my walls
are coming calmly
fear consumes me inside
I see my tears coming
is it my end
they are just mere shadows
this is my morning more sinister
Dawn, in the shadows
and not hear my voice

the light came and consumed back
I'm fine for a second
I hope not the sun go down

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