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David Hudson

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And I'm gonna tear you apart
I'm gonna rip you up one by one
Think you got it down from the start
But I'ma show you how it's done
Talk back and I'll break your back
Don't try to get smart with me
You're not enough and that's the fact
Left behind I'm taking the lead

Steam train
Steam train

Uninspired you're fired you fail
I am the sun and you are the hail
You evil wizard with scissors you run
Legs holding your tail
No thought ya thunk that I never thought through
Better than you in all I do
You must be drunk If you think I don't got you
Too late time to face the truth

Steam train
Steam train yea
I said a steam train

So don't even try
Cuz I won't ever die
don't even try
I won't ever die
No I won't ever die
Yea I won't ever die
No I won't ever die

...So don't even try

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