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Daughters tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Satan In The Wait", "The Fuck Whisperer", "Crotch Buffet".

162 acessos

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  1. A Room Full Of Hard-ons And Nowhere To Sit Down
  2. And Then The C.H.U.D.S Came
  3. Cheers, Pricks!
  4. City Songs
  5. Crotch Buffet
  6. Damn Those Blood Suckers And Their Good Qualities
  7. Daughter
  8. Daughters Spelled Wrong
  9. Feisty Snake-Woman
  10. Fiery
  11. Flattery Is A Bunch Of Fucking Bullshit
  12. Fur Beach
  13. Guest House
  14. Hello Assholes
  15. Hyperventilationsystem
  16. I Don't Give A Shit About Wood, I'm Not A Chemist
  17. I Slept With The Daughters And All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me
  18. Jones From Indiana
  19. Less Sex
  20. Long Road, No Turns
  21. Mike Morowitz, The Fantasy Fuck
  22. My Stereo Has Mono And So Does My Girlfriend
  23. Nurse, Would You Please Prep The Patient For Sexual Doctor
  24. Ocean Song
  25. Pants, Meet Shit
  26. Providence By Gaslight
  27. Recorded In A Pyramid
  28. Satan In The Wait
  29. The Flammable Man
  30. The Fuck Whisperer
  31. The Ghost With The Most
  32. The Lords Song
  33. The Reason They Hate Me
  34. X-Ray

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