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Darkside Symphony


Darkside Symphony

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As a noble warrior who fights till the end
no matter the cost at the end of the battle
she has give her last breath a sight to the man
who farily but brutally teaf her and...

now... she... falls... on rage...
thats... life... after... death...

in the deph of night
in the deph of darkness
burn in pain an rage
explodes a scream of fury and anger

After the sunset comes
the black mirror's lord
and hes angry servants
fierce as the burst of flame
hungry for human flesh
crawling before her victyms

from her ness she lie in wait for
man to get revenge
darkness is nearing
danger is growing
look up sky the treath of toth and claw

the sun begins to set
and the road beneath
turns in field of hunting
long path lies before you
and no place to hide
set your deadly sentence

From her ness she lie...

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